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DESCRIPTION: Restores original color to wood, make roofs look new and whitens concrete. One gallon cut 1:9 will cover 2000 sq ft. If stronger mix is needed, use 1:7 or 1:8 mix. For best results a minimum of 80 psi water pressure is needed for rinsing. In many cases, residential water pressure is not sufficient to clean roofs. In such cases, use a low pressure, pressure washer.

CLEANS & RESTORES: Cleans Cedar, Pine, Redwood, Cypress, Asphalt, & Fiberglass Shingles.  Removes Dirt, Pollen, Mildew & Algae Stains. Cleans  Restores original color to wood and roof.

SPRAY ON - HOSE OFF: Removes over 15 years of Weathering. Will NOT harm wood or shingles.

FOR USE ON: Wood, Vinyl Siding, Fencing, Patios, Decks, Asphalt/Fiberglass Shingles, Stock Concrete Tile, Tile & Grout, Painted Gutters, Log Cabins, Cedar, Redwood, Gazebos.

NOTE: If used on painted, stained or sealed surface, test to ensure it will not harm coating. Continue to dilute with water until safe mix is found.  Use rubber gloves if skin is sensitive when handling concentrate and mix.  Wear rubber soles and waterproof shoes. If heavy accumulation is present, re-spray those areas to get complete penetration before rinsing.  TEST on new and unweathered wood for discoloration. Sprayed surfaces are slick, walk with care.

NOT FOR USE on bare aluminum and glass.  Rinse immediately off glass or aluminum to keep from etching. Rinse surrounding plants with water, before and after application.  Redwood may darken after application. Use a wood brightener to restore to original color.  Dilute 1:20 for use on redwood.

WHEN ADDING BLEACH: When using bleach, always neutralize the bleach in the pressure washer after use. Mix 16 oz. of baking soda in a five gallon bucket of water. Place siphon hose directly into bucket. Run the mixture through the pressure washer, wand and all tips used. Rinse machine, siphon hose and tips with clean water prior to storage.

WARNING: Contains Alkali Metal Hydroxides. Corrosive to skin and eyes. May be absorbed through skin. Harmful if swallowed. Use with rubber gloves and eye protection. KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN.

DIRECTIONS: SHAKE WELL BEFORE MIXING WITH WATER. Concentrated product. Do not use without diluting. General dilution is 1:9, if stronger mix is needed, use 1:7 or 1:8.  If using a pump up sprayer, apply a generous coat set on strong spray. If using a pressure washer place the siphon hose directly in container or the product directly into the chemical well of the pressure washer and set pressure washer to desired dilution rate. Spray entire surface to prevent streaking. If pump up sprayer is used, keep pressure high at all times.  Hold spray tip within 12 inches of surface. Wait 10 minutes, hose off or pressure wash, cutting pressure low enough so wood/shingles will not be harmed. If hose is used to rinse, adjust nozzle to strongest force and hold at distance so soft woods will not be harmed.

TO CLEAN WOODEN DECKS AND SIDING, VINYL SIDING AND FIBERGLASS:  Spray on mix, wait 10 minutes, rinse per above instructions. Original color will return to wood when dry. TO CLEAN CEDAR SHAKE ROOF: Follow above instructions. Do not walk on shingles until rinsed and dried.

TO REMOVE DIRT, LEAF, MILDEW & ALGAE STAINS FROM CONCRETE: Dilute 1:4 with water.  Spray on generous coat, wait 10 minutes and brush. Wet, brush, and rinse with hose or pressure washer. Will not remove rust or motor oil.

TO CLEAN ASPHALT/FIBERGLASS SHINGLES: Spray bad streaks first and again in spraying operations. Start spraying at gutter. Work side to side and backwards to crest. Wait 10 minutes. Start rinsing at crest. Wet 7 rows of shingles in front of you. Wait 5 minutes, re-wet, and wait 5 minutes more to make rinsing easier. Other shingles will be wet by rinsing process. Hold hose about 5” from roof and pressure wand about 12”. On bad streaks you may need to hold wand closer. Rinsed shingles can be walked on immediately without slipping. Rinse slowly under water until water is clear for a “like-new” looking roof. Avoid gutter overflow. Protect painted, stained and sealed surfaces from over-spray and runoff.

depending on type of paint and age. Test on a small area for correct mix. Adjust mix to suit job. Spray surface. Wait 10 minutes, pressure wash and rinse.

Eyes: IMMEDIATELY rinse with water. Remove contact lenses, if any, flush with water for 15 minutes.
INGESTION: Rinse mouth. Drink a glassful of water or milk. Do NOT INDUCE vomiting.
SKIN: Remove contaminated clothing; Flush skin thoroughly with water for 15 minutes.  If irritation persists from any contact seek MEDICAL ATTENTION. Call poison control center, emergency department or physician.  For poison emergency call 1 800 222 1222


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