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Deck Wash Pro

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DESCRIPTION: Use Deck Wash Pro on exterior decks, siding, plastic, lawn furniture and driveways.  Deck Wash Pro is specially designed to clean, brighten and condition pine, cedar and redwood substrates. Clean and brighten all wood, concrete, vinyl, painted aluminum, rubber and fiberglass surfaces. Deck Wash Pro will not harm existing coatings and finishes or pressure treated lumber.

Deck Wash Pro is primarily designed for periodic maintenance cleaning of wooden decks that have a sound surface coating.  Fast-acting, it loosens and lifts dirt, stains and discoloration in 10 minutes. Deck Wash Pro does not contain any of the following substances: No chlorine bleach, No ethylene Chloride.

PREPARATION: Surface Preparation: Ensure that all project surfaces are dry and remove all loose material. Pre-wet and or cover vegetation, remove surrounding lawn furniture and landscape ornaments.  Wood surfaces that have weathered for more than two (2) years may require a wood restoration using our Top to Bottom product. Surfaces with peeling coatings or heavy stains will require our Clean Brite stripper product.

MIXING INSTRUCTIONS:  CONCENTRATE makes up to 2-5 gallons. Mix with equal amount of water (1:4) for normal cleaning.  For deep stains use (ratio 1:1).  Mix in a plastic pail only. Do not use in metal containers.

TEST AREA: Conduct a small test in an inconspicuous area to ensure product performance requirements and coverage. To apply Deck Wash Pro, use a brush, roller or pump-style garden sprayer to keep a liberal, uniform application on all project surfaces.  When working on vertical surfaces, apply a product from the bottom to the top.  Mist surface with water to maintain a wet working area.

COVERAGE: Approx. 600 sq ft per gallon (20’ x 30’ area), Avoid application in direct sunlight to reduce evaporation and maximizing coverage.

REMOVAL: WAIT TIME: Approximately 15-30 minutes after applying. Agitate using a stiff brush or floor broom to remove residue from wood surface. Rinse with water using a garden hose or power washer. The use of a power washer will reduce the need for agitation. Recommended PSI between 1200·2400.  Thoroughly rinse all project surfaces after application of DWP.

CAUTION: Avoid ingestion, skin and eye contact, cover exposed skin during application. Wear personal protective equipment (rubber or neoprene) gloves, footwear and goggles. When applying product using spray applicators wear NIOSH/MSHA approved respirator. Dispose of remaining product in accordance with applicable environmental regulations. Neutralize with baking soda or soda ash in an open container.

FIRST AID: In case of eye or skin contact, immediately flush with cold water for 30 minutes. If swallowed give lots of water or milk. Get immediate medical attention. Deck Wash Pro contains a phosphoric acid of 2 - 4% and oxalic acid solution of 5-10%. Deck Wash Pro is 100% soluble in water and non-carcinogenic. Avoid contact with bare metal surfaces such as aluminum, zinc, magnesium.

For poison emergency call 1 800 222 1222



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