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Amteco TWP Stain Application Tips

Surface Preparation


  • New Wood:
    It is necessary to allow new wood to age for up to six months before staining. Pressure treated wood should be allowed 12 months natural weathering before staining.
  • Untreated Old Wood:
    Can be revived to look new. Remove mildew and growth with a mild bleach and water solution followed by a 1500-2500 p.s.i. output power washer.
  • Previously Stained Wood:
    May require a chemical stripping or brightening agent combined with power washing to remove all of the old coating. When working with a power washer use caution to avoid excess fraying of the wood surface. Allow 36 to 48 hours of dry time before TWP® application.

TWP® Stain Application


  • Mix stain thoroughly before & occasionally during use
  • Apply TWP® by brush, pump sprayer, roller, or applicator pad
  • Saturate surface with TWP®
  • If needed, apply second coat wet on wet
  • Do not let TWP® puddle
  • Excessive product that does not penetrate may cause failure
  • Overnight dry time depending on temperature and humidity
  • Do not thin TWP®
  • Cleanup with Mineral Spirits
  • Do not apply below 50°F
  • Coverage Rate: 200-400 sq. ft. per gallon